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Trade Policy

A book buyer is usually at the shop but please call ahead. Weekdays, in general, are better than weekends to sell books. We ask that you either wait while we go through your books or come back within the hour.  We do not buy books in the last hour of the day; we also do not buy books in the middle of an event, including Arts Walk. 

Almost always, we only offer store credit. In very rare cases will we give out cash. Store credit does not expire and can be used for anything in the store, both new and used books as well as merchandise and special orders. 

Before you bring us your books, please note how we evaluate the books.

Payout: For books in print, in very good condition, we will pay about 10-15% of list price. For books that are out-of-print, it just depends. On average, we pay 25-30% of what we estimate the book’s market value, or said another way, what we estimate we can sell it for.

Condition: We are looking for new and gently used books, with very little to no underlining, highlighting, or annotation. While we must always think about resale, we are also interested in unique or unusual books.

Popular literature: Mystery, Thrillers, Horror, Sci-Fi – almost always we prefer paperbacks.

Datedness: no textbooks, no computer software manuals. No current interest, business, inspirational, or self-help books that are more than a few years old.

No National Geographic, Readers Digest, Time-Life books.
No Magazines
No Encyclopedias
No Romance or Western novels

We are also very rarely interested in large sets. Unique, rare items we will consider. Call and ask before you bring them down to the shop.

Estates: Occasionally we purchase large collections and will come out to a residence. If you are interested in this service, please call or email.

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Browsers Bookshop

107 Capitol Way N.
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